I'm Sam, and I play with funnels and flywheels for a living, but find my creative solace on stage or on paper. I  enjoy creating scenes and words as much as shipping products and code.  

Like an overly curious child, I have a knack for combining things that aren't "supposed" to be combined. What do finance, food science, performing arts, modern mindfulness, and high-scale B2C software have in common?

Not much, except that I've danced around these domains over my career. I consider myself "technically creative" and live through improv — not just the comedy, but as a core mindset.

In June 2022 I ended one year working and backpacking around the Middle East across countries like Saudi Arabia and Syria. During this time, I led Product Growth efforts for Kunduz (YC S18), a Seed-stage EdTech startup in Istanbul.

If any of this resonates and you want to collaborate, or just chat about the wonders of life, shoot me a note!


I'm a big proponent of skills-based volunteering, cohort-based learning, and tech for good projects. These are all the  organizations where I've contributed in the past few years, with standout projects highlighted below:

Project Portfolio




Excel - Financial Modelling

SQL - Querying / Data Analysis

Python - Data Science

Tableau / Power BI - Data Vis

Balsamiq - UI Wireframing

Figma / Adobe XD - UX Design

Bubble - Web Development


Problem Structuring

Design Thinking


Agile Management

People Leadership

Process Optimization

*Please feel free to ask me about any of these skills and how I've  applied them practically - I have projects, experiences, and stories tied to each! :) 

Current rabbit holes:

Wellness Technology

After collaborating with a designer and developer on a digital therapy product, these principles of mindfulness and self-discovery have accelerated a keen interest in immersing myself in WellTech

Creator Technology

Given my stint working with local governments in Tanzania and my current projects in Hack for LA, I see the massive potential to drive strong participatory action and elevate grassroots-level voices

Web3 Technology

As a commercialization and design thinking Mentor for a climate solutions accelerator, I see the power in decarbonizing markets with a mix of consumer-driven initiatives and cleantech ventures